Posted by Kerstin Hockmann, Aiducation Communications.

Aiducation was founded In 2007 as a community of volunteers in Kenya led by Jeremiah Kiponda Kambi connected with Florian, Kristin and later the entire Swiss team to battle low rates of students attending high school. The team started with no experience, no money, and no networks but they had a powerful mission.

At Aiducation we believe that education is the most powerful tool for sustainable development and prosperity for individuals and their societies. Looking back on the last 10 years of Aiducation, we are proud to have driven our mission into a compelling, successful concept and network of empowered future leaders in Kenya and the Philippines. We transform donor dollars and volunteer hours into a lasting impact through our strict focus on talented students in financial need, with a 1:1 donor principle and robust Civic Leadership development.

As we built our impact over the last 10 years, Aiducation became a dynamic global network of people passionate to improve not only living standards, but also opportunities in life through education. Today and every day, Aiducation International drives impact thanks to the commitment and motivation of our Aiducators, AiduMakers, AiduPartners and AiuFriends. Thank you!

In 2017, we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary and your support of our mission with our new series of blog posts. We will look back on the past 10 years and recap the organisational challenges, major milestones and personal achievements from the global Aiducation community.

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