Written by Peter Lorenz, project manager at Cotravel. and Aiducation Volunteer. Cotravel is organizing a trip to Kenya – including a visit of the Aiducation headquarters in Nairobi.

“I wanted to become a doctor because my big Philippine family gets older and doesn’t have access to a good health system”, and “I decided to study medicine, because I want to improve the health system in the remoted region of Kenia where I grew up”. These two statements of 24-year old Gene from Manila and 22-year old Sora from Kenia had a big impact on the 50 guests at the Aiducation impact dinner on 25th October 2016 in the Gasthof Goldener Sternen in Basel.

Besides enjoying an evening among friends, listening to live music, and tasting delicious food, everyone became aware of the importance of education in life. Education in less-developed countries such as the Philippines or Kenya is not granted for everyone. Thanks to Aiducation scholarships awarded to Gene and Sora some years ago, the guests learnt how Aiducation did not only change the lives of these two young talents, but also impacted the entire families and communities they live in. Beyond Sora’s and Gene’s personal impact stories, John Atkin, former Chief Operating Officer of Syngenta, revealed in an inspiring speech Syngenta’s experiences with projects in Africa. It was a truly successful evening for all participants full of mutual learning and networking possibilities.

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