by Erick Otieno, Aiducation Kenya Start-up Coach

Having had the humble and rare opportunity to be a mentor at several previous academies, the 7th Swiss Re startup academy, which took place in late August 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya came with a lot of expectations. With new mentors and new participants, the week went down so fast. From substantial input speaker to the next, sandwiched in between life, motivation speakers and games to help both facilitators and the participants unwind, the entire mentorship was the utmost fulfilling event ever.

The participants managed to acquire crucial basic skills with regard to entrepreneurship ranging from developing business plan, pitching, marketing, sales, financial management as well as critical and strategic thinking which is key to any personal development and success of an entrepreneur. Life skills were also a very critical element of the mentorship because the participants were able to get the basics of the challenges affecting their surroundings.

After all has been said and done, the best group got an acknowledgement, though this was not to mean that the other groups were lesser, but winners among equals. It’s my hope that as the past participants try to come up with their substantive business ideas, that they will never forget what they acquired and that they will not stop there, but dig even deeper for more knowledge and experience from all who would be willing to offer expertise to them.

Erick Otieno, (right) Aiducation Kenya Startup Coach with Wei Braunberger, a Swiss Re Mentor counsels AiduAlumni


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