During the Mentorship Academies in Watmanu in April, we had two essay competitions, one of which was on the subject “How I’m contributing to build a better Kenya.” The top prize, a brandnew Samsung Galaxy Pad, was won by the AiduFellow Sarah Musila . Read below the winner‘s essay and get insights into how Kenya’s young future shapes society.

“Building a better Kenya has been my dream since I was a toddler. This has been showcased mostly because of the patriotism burning inside me. The urge to see Kenya, my beautiful country, featured as one of the best and most developed countries, has propelled me to do a lot.

Building a better country is not only on the development of industries, but also inside our hearts and how we treat each other. With this in mind, I have managed to teach at our local church Sunday school. It is quite amazing to pass knowledge on how the kids to relate with each other. With this, it helps them to be responsible citizens in the future, hence imparting these skills to the rest of society.

Joining a youth programme in our area has been the most exciting thing so far. Here, we offer services like garbage collection. This step has helped keep our streets clean. With this, most citizens have adopted the trend and have worked extra to make sure they maintain cleanliness.

I have had several mission trips to other areas where we talked to Kenyan girls (who are often suppressed in rural areas in Kenya, editor’s note) how to make good decisions with their lives. Here, we had great time and participated in games, especially swimming. This has helped them become physically fit. One girl actually won at a swimming competition held in a charity programme.

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