Written by Rachael Sidi, AiduAlumni and young Kenyan entrepreneur.

“On the 11th of October, I was for the first time in my life in Europe – the beginning of a fantastic three-week journey through Switzerland. One reason was to attend a conference on Future Economic Systems in Engelberg, but I also acted as an Aiducation ambassador and shared my story and how Aiducation impacts my and other AiduAlumni’s lives.

Kenya meets Switzerland: AiduAlumna Rachel in the Swiss Alps.

The conference was a great and memorable event in every aspect. There was a lot to learn about economy in only four days. Young scientists who were considered the future generation had an opportunity to share and discuss their views and ideas on future economy. Other fascinating topics included aspects on mobility, basic income and the Athens case as a proper model for the future economy of Europe. Of course, such a great conference of insights and learning in the Swiss Alps can’t go without a great event dinner at the Titlis Mountains. That was incredibly amazing – up in the mountain with a lot of snow and even a glacier cave. The whole conference will forever keep brilliant memory, and if all the ideas discussed could be put into practice, one day we will have the best economy we ever witnessed.

After the Engelberg conference, I had another two weeks to work and experience with Aiducation. I had a great time visiting service clubs, individuals and companies together with the Aiducation team in Switzerland. It’s the best thing to do in one’s life to sacrifice time to create an impact and invest in future generations. Whenever I came from my meetings, I always had a peace of mind and felt a satisfaction that I would change somebody’s life.

Our most outstanding events were the impact dinners in Zurich and Basel. We met many people who were fascinated by Aiducation and willing to support our idea.

Rachael passionately shares her story at the Impact Dinner in Zurich.

I want to thank the organizing team at the conference for giving me the chance to join, learn, interact and share my ideas with them. Many thanks also to all individuals, service clubs, ambassadors and companies that were willing to spend their time and allowed us to share our insights with them. Many thanks to our Aiducation team, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life and allowing me to be in Switzerland. I always felt at home with you. Lastly, I give my gratitude to my Aidumaker for supporting me throughout my four years in High School. I feel honoured and am always happy you changed my life. Thanks to everyone else who made my stay a wonderful time."

Targeting for the highest: a mountain hike with some Aiducators.

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