It’s a dream come true: Aiducation has awarded their 1000th scholarship! That means nothing less than the world to 1000 bright and needy students. These AiduFellows all of a sudden got access not only to school, but also to their own potential which will help them become social, economic, and political forces in their home countries.

“I remember very well how we started back in 2007”, Florian Kapitza, CEO of Aiducation International, recalls. “To see us pass the 1000 is satisfying and humbling at the same time.“

Our AiduFellow number 1000 is Angelica, a 15-year old Filipina, who aspires of becoming an engineer. “I see myself as the person who inspires other people to continue their dreams”, the oldest daughter in a family of five children says. Her father, a day labourer at a construction company, and her mother, a housekeeper, are proud of their diligent and dedicated daughter. 
This incredible journey of impact would never have been possible without the invaluable contributions of all our supporters in the past. With our latest video we want to express our wholehearted thanks to all of you!


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