The „WIWAG 6.0 Business Week“ is new training program that was held from November 24th-27th 2015 in the Philippines. It was facilitated by the Bato Balani Foundation in the Philippines and the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundationin Switzerland. The four day training brought together several people from Aiducation Chapters in the Philippines and Kenya who earned their Trainer Certificates to facilitate future Business Weeks in Kenya and Philippines.

WIWAG is a program that teaches business strategy and decision analysis within changing market conditions. Participants take the role of the management of various industrial companies, typically small or medium-sized, that are in competition with one another. This is done via a one-week computer based economic simulations based on real world business conditions.

As one of the Kenyan Aiducators, Erick Otieno also attended the qualifying courses to first become an official “Economy Weeks Facilitator” and then later on an official “Economy Weeks Trainer" in Kenya for fellow Aiducation Fellows and Alumni.

Erick (third from left) with his Philippine colleagues at the WIWAG.

During the WIWAG training, Erick was particularly happy to meet so many new faces who were willing to volunteer for the better cause. He experienced the culture at the workshop superb and extremely welcoming: „This made all of us flow along as we ventured in to the world of Company management – despite all of us not having experience in Business Management.“ After a simulation competition, the participants were trained to teach and handle learning lessons and finally to receives a certificate as a Trainer.

„I am grateful for the experience and I learned a lot“, Erick said. „Now we are very excited about the impact Business Week workshops can make for our Alumni and Aiducaton Fellows in both countries.“

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