The Aiducation Annual Report 2014 was pubished online just a couple of days ago. In this year’s editorial, the CEOs of the talent-raising and scholarship-raising chapters, Dr. Florian Kapitza, Jeremiah Kambi, Solvie Nubla-Lee, and Matthias Meier, give a brief summary of what they think it takes to realize a human’s inherent potential. Acquire a taste for our Annul Report here in our blog and download the full document from our homepage.

There is no “one-size-fits-all-solution”, because people have diverse needs, but two necessary factors are often lacking in developing countries:

1. Access to quality formal Education
2. Access to individual mentorship, role models, and training

At Aiducation, we call this concept “Aid 2 Education 2 Aid” (see figure) and we are implementing it by awarding scholarships in Kenya and the Philippines. Our scholarships ensure that each “AiduFellow” has access to quality formal education and access to mentorship and training. Our non-traditional training includes entrepreneurship workshops and mentoring sessions.

Hot off the press: the Aiducation Annual Report 2014

“Aid 2 Education 2 Aid” Concept

Aid to Educations represents the original scholarship that our donor (“AiduMaker”) creates to pay for schools fees for an AiduFellow who will otherwise not have access to formal education. Education to Aid represents the impact an AiduFellow will make in his or her lifetime, and we support this by providing workshops, community service projects, entrepreneurship contests, and mentoring sessions. 2014 was a year with new records for our work: We raised 210 scholarships (26 of which were awarded to students in the Philippines) and we conducted five Mentorship Academies in Kenya for a total of
349 AiduFellows and AiduAlumni in attendance. Among these five academies we were proud to lead two “Swiss Re Start Up” Academies and launch the first Swiss Economy Weeks (Wirtschaftswochen) in partnership with Ernst-Schmidheiny-Stiftung and atDta.

Of course, our work is only possible thanks to our supporters on whom we heavily rely. We are especially thankful for the contributions of our AiduMakers (scholarship donors), AiduFriends (members), Aiducators (volunteers) and reliable AiduPartners. Key AiduPartners for 2014 included the Swiss Re Foundation, McKinsey Foundation for Children, Swissair Staff Foundation for Children in Need, P&G Alumni Network, atDta Foundation, Ernst-Schmidheiny-Stiftung, Reinhart foundation, and PwC Schweiz.

For a full list of our AiduPartners, please refer to our website.

We are deeply thankful for your support and hope you enjoy reading our Annual Report for 2014. We look forward to expanding the impact of Aiducation with you for years to come.

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