Seven years ago, Jimmy T. (see our July post) was selected as a possible candidate for a scholarship from Aiducation. Now, in 2014, he got the possibilitiy to visit Switzerland. Three weeks full of experience, meetings, people, joy – an impact journey that will leave his footprints in Switzerland and an experience that will shape his future. His words were full of gratitude when he returned to Kenya:

“Sharing my impact journey with Aiducation International with AiduMakers, sponsors, potential sponsors, volunteers and friends of Aiducation made my trip a life-time memorable experience in Switzerland.

As I landed in Zurich, my mind was blank and ready to learn to gather experience being my first trip outside my home country. I was looking forward to three weeks of full dedication of heart, mind and soul towards Aiducation in building a better Kenya. The meetings with various service clubs and organizations also revealed to me the dedication and generous minded people who have the heart to develop and invest in young brilliant deserving people like me in Kenya. To believe and be part of a future towards developing a person many miles away and empower them with access to education and mentoring in order to realize their dreams and to become better people in the future. The kind of support you are offering is transforming very many lives of needy individuals like me. Education, education and only education is the main weapon to fight poverty in our country.

I would like to appreciate even for giving me the chance to share my story with you – it was a great pleasure. I believe my presence there was a living example who the transformation you can make to a person by investing in their future through empowering them by providing a chance to access secondary education.

Tasting a new meal almost each day was fun for me. The delicacies were just each unique in a way. Especially the famous fondue, racklet, the sausages – huh! These were so traditional.

The school children were an amazing lot as I shared my experience with them and the engaging part of question and answer session. I loved their participation.

I would like to appreciate personally all the nice people, service clubs and organizations I met during my stay in Switzerland – you all made it an unforgettable experience for me and Aiducation International.


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