If you are familiar with this blog, you surely remember the stories about Obrein and Lynda, two of our first Alumni, who successfully passed the final exam of secondary school earlier this year.


Today, both of them are in London to complete a three-week internship.

Lynda is working in the office of a British Member of Parliament, which gives her a front-seat view of how British institutions work. As part of her internship, she was given a private tour of the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street, and had the opportunity to attend the Prime Minister’s question time at the House of Commons.

On his side, Obrein is working at the Royal Africa Society, a 100 year old institution promoting the cause of Africa in the United-Kingdom, and has had the opportunity to participate in a workshop at a major City law firm.

With such a busy schedule, Lynda and Obrein have had little time for tourism in London, just enough to take this postcard from London’s famous Tower Bridge.

The two in front of Tower Bridge

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