Getting to support the most talented and motivated students is crucial to our organization’s success. Therefore every year we have a close look at the result of Kenya’s standardized exam, KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education). Because those scores tell us something about their performance in school and thus about their chances to get to University.

Thus we are thrilled about the extraordinary scores of our AiduFellows. Lots of them scored B+ or above, some even scored a flat 6 – only about 0.5% of all students get an A, some 6% get a B+ or better. An A has been achieved by: Andrew, who is second best among the 8000 Students in the district of Kilifi; Joseph who is Number 144 among all Student in Kenya, and thus the most successful AiduFellow so far; Sora who belongs to the top 0.45% of her year. Frankfaith, Phyllis and Omar all scored B+ or better and thus belong to the top 6.6%.

These results show clearly that thanks to our selection procedure we manage to support the most talented and motivated students in Kenya, and that they can make the most out of their skills – and thus provide for a more stable civil society in Kenya.

Our AiduFellows and AiduAlumni at the Mentorship Acadmey 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya

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