During an interim year at university, a friend of Aiducation, Annet Röst met with founders of Aiducation International Florian Kapitza and Jeremy Kambi. The invitation to visit Jeremy in Kenya came just at the right moment for the enthusiastic traveler. After a short stint at a local bakery to earn some extra income, she spent three weeks on site in Kenya getting to know the organization.

Annet with some of our AiduFellows

We asked her about her experience and were happy to hear that many Kenyans think our concept is the right one.

What was your first impression of Aiducation International in Kenya?
Annet: From the first encounter with our Kenyan chapter, I felt, that everybody there was completely committed to the cause of Aiducation International. They work incredibly hard to reach the goals we set ourselves as an organization.

Who did you see in action?
Annet: The work there is done by locals. I found this to be a key point, since an organization like Aiducation International must be firmly rooted in the local population to be able to be effective. After all, Kenyans can probably most easily determine what kind of help they need and how best to proceed.

You also visited some of the schools our AiduFellows attend.
Annet: Right, and those were probably my most memorable moments in Kenya. It was really touching to see how our work for Aiducation International can turn around a student’s life. I even had the opportunity to speak with a few of “our” students. While they seemed reserved and a little bit shy at the beginning, I was impressed how thoughtful their answers were.

What surprised you most?
Annet: Probably the cultural differences between Kenyan and western European culture. There are slight differences, for example when it comes to making project plans. It was fascinating to be able to witness this and experience the Kenyan approach and see how both ways can lead towards the same goal. I was also astonished to find that computers are not as widespread as I‘d assumed.

Anything you brought home from Kenya?
Annet: I returned home with the total conviction that Aiducation International has chosen the right path. During my trip I often spoke with people and told them about the concept of Aiducation International. People were extremely enthusiastic about our concept and agreed that the focus on helping young people to education is the right thing to do. In any case, I returned to Switzerland fully motivated.

Amelia Meier

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