Working for Aiducation International has many aspects and our activities are of a wide range. But for sure one of the nicest occasions next to working directly with our students is to get in touch with our AiduMakers and other friends and supporters of Aiducation International. One great opportunity to do this is the annual Aiducation Forum in our Swiss Chapter.

Rebekka Thommen at the Aiducation Forum in Zurich

This year’s forum was by far the largest and an inspiring experience to see our community grow with such extends and speed. More than a hundred AiduMakers, supporters and friends joined us for the Aiducation Forum on April 12th, 2011 in the Auditorium of the Technopark Zurich. We used the event to looked back upon a spectacular year and celebrate the achievements of 2010. Matthias Meier, the new CEO of the Swiss Chapter, introduced himself and presented the goals for the coming year.

Matthias Meier, CEO of the Swiss Chapter

As a guest of honour, one of our most prominent AiduMakers Prof. Dr. med. René Prêtre, the Chief of Cardiology at the children’s hospital in Zurich and Swiss of the Year 2009, gave a passionate talk on his charity work in Mozambique where he cures children with severe heart problems.

Prof. Dr. med. René Prêtre at the Aiducation Forum

Moreover, we proudly introduced the new edition of our AiduMaker certificates, limited edition art prints by the Swiss artist Raschi Küng . These iris-silkscreen prints, all unique pieces, can be acquired with the donation of a scholarship.

Events like this not only give us the chance to get in touch with inspiring people, but are also a great way to bind our team of Aiducators even closer together.

The Aiducation International Forum is an annual event in our Swiss Chapter. If you are interested to find out more about this or other Aiducation events close to you, please sign up for our newsletter here.

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