e’ve been waiting for that moment since the very start of Aiducation. The first batch of AiduFellows has finally graduated from high school!

At the moment, many Kenyan secondary school students celebrate four years of hard work and academic achievements following the publication of Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results. This moment has a particular meaning for 10 new Aiducation alumni: 4 years ago, finishing secondary school seemed impossible simply because of high school fees.

Lynda is one of these AiduFellows. Out of the 20,000 students who took the KCSEin the coast region, Lynda came #51. Her final grade opens the doors of any university in the country.

This is Lynda (centre) during our Mentorship Academy last December.

Lynda has an older brother and a younger sister. Her parents understand the value of education, and sacrificed all they could to send their three children to good schools. However, secondary school fees were simply too high. “One day, my dad heard from his cousin in Watamu that there was an organisation there which could help us with scholarships for secondary education, says Lynda. I decided to apply straight away.” Soon afterwards, Lynda had been selected by an AiduMaker and her full secondary education at the Agha Khan High School in Nairobi was secured. “After a short while, my younger sister Elisabeth applied to Aiducation, and got a scholarship as well!”

Lynda’s original application form – the starting point for your successful journey

When we asked Lynda what was her best memory from these four years of secondary education, she replied without any hesitation: “my best moment was the national business competition in which I took part in February 2010. With a group of friends, we set up a business plan for a company producing jewels and fashion accessories carved in coconut. Being from the coast region, this idea came naturally to me! I was the CEO of the business, and got to present my products and my strategy to a jury of executives from major Kenyan businesses. I was so delighted when I found out that I was elected as the best CEO across all Kenya for the competition!”

After a well-deserved day of celebration on KCSE day, spent with friends at the cinema, eating pop-corn and ice-cream, Lynda is already thinking about her future. “I would like to apply to the medical school at the University of Nairobi, this is the best university in the country for medicine. I have a few months free before the University recruitment round starts, so I have taken a computer course until September, for which I have also received a scholarship.”

Lynda encourages all current AiduFellows to work hard: “I hope the rest of the AiduFellows would be challenged to do better than I did!” We hope that her achievements send an inspiring message to all students who haven’t secured funds for their secondary education.

Lynda, we’re very proud of you. Most sincere congratulations from Aiducation!

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