Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education, or KCSE – five letters that have the power of realising dreams of University education for all secondary school students in Kenya.

With the 2010 KCSE results published last week, Aiducation reaches a milestone: we now have our first group of Alumni! It is a significant step in assessing the impact we have on the lives of disadvantaged young people in Kenya, thanks to the generosity of AiduMakers.

On their way to a brighter future…

It is a Kenyan tradition. Each year in February, the Minister of Education announces the results of the KCSE. Across the country, students rejoice and celebrate the conclusion of four years of high-school studies. Jeremiah Kambi, CEO of Aiducation International Kenya, was well placed to take the pulse of this year’s celebrations: “It’s like a giant, nationwide party. As school rankings have been reintroduced this year, celebrations were organised in the best performing schools. The AiduFellows we have at Alliance Boys High School, which ranked first this year, told me the atmosphere was properly incredible. It was like Christmas and the New Year altogether!”

Jeremiah Kambi, CEO of Aiducation International Kenya

Each year, Jeremiah sees how top performing students are celebrated across the country: “they get interviewed on national television, in daily newspapers… They become heroes in their school and local community! Most of the A students will go for what we call the ‘prestigious causes’, such as medicine, engineering, law or architecture. However, anyone with a C+ or higher will be able to apply in University.”

As ten AiduFellows have graduated last week, Jeremiah and his team at Aiducation Kenya also celebrated their achievements. “I called the ten students and congratulated them!”, Jeremiah told us. “Now is a very exciting time for Aiducation, because we are starting to gather data on our long-term impact. We will stay in touch with each of our Alumni and see how they achieve their plans for further study and how they succeed in life.”

As our Alumni progress in life, we will share stories and examples of how each AiduMaker, by awarding a scholarship to a disadvantaged student today, can empower the professionals of tomorrow to make a real difference in their country.

In our next post we want to introduce Lynda to you – one of this years Aiducation Alumni who excelled through great performance. We talked to her about her plans, dreams and wishes for the future

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